Windows NT/2000/XP Registry(reg_NT.rfi):
Class: OS Specific, Status: Almost Complete, Last change: 11.11.2002 10:24:58

  TSign array[4] of Char
  TSign2 array[2] of Char

0 TSign Sign

assert Sign='regf';


  DWord ulong
  QWord struc
    ulong Lo
    ulong Hi
  ends: displ = (Hex(@.Hi,8),Hex(@.Lo,8))

  TNTDateTime QWord

  THeader struc
    DWord X //????
    DWord Xdup //???? Always the same value as at 0x00000004
    TNTDateTime lastModif //last modify date in WinNT date-format
    DWord D1 //1
    DWord D3 //3
    DWord D0 //0
    DWord D1_ //1
    DWord Keys //Offset of 1st key record
    DWord DataSize //Size of the data-blocks (Filesize-4kb)
    DWord D1_1 //1
    raw[0x1CC] rest
    DWord ChkSum //Sum of all D-Words from 0x00000000 to 0x000001FB

  0x0004 THeader Hdr

assert Hdr:assert;
descr ('Windows NT registry file.',NL,
  'Info Src: WinReg.txt by B.D. from',NL)


TnkRec struc
  Word	Kind //for the root-key: 0x2C, otherwise 0x20
  TNTDateTime wrDT //write-date/time in windows nt notation
  DWord parOfs //Offset of Owner/Parent key
  DWord	nSubKey //number of sub-Keys
  DWord	subKeyOfs //Offset of the sub-key lf-Records
  DWord	nVal //number of values
  DWord	valOfs //Offset of the Value-List
  DWord skOfs //Offset of the sk-Record
  DWord	classNameOfs //Offset of the Class-Name
  DWord	Unused //(data-trash)
  Word nameLen //name-length
  Word classNameLen //class-name length
//  array[/*@.nameLen*/] of WChar keyName

TDataRec(Sz) struc
  TSign2 id
  case of
    'nk': TnkRec
  endc D
  raw[] at &@; rest

TDataBl struc
  DWord Sz
  case @.Sz>0 of
    1: raw[@@.Sz-4]
  else TDataRec(-@@.Sz-4)
  endc D
  /*HEX(( (@.Sz when(@.Sz>=0))exc(-@.Sz))-4,8)*/,']:',@.D)

PHbinHeader(Base) ^THbinHeader NIL:@=0 near=Dword REF=@+@:Base;

THbinHeader struc
  TSign ID //ASCII-"hbin" = 0x6E696268
  DWord Ofs //Offset from the 1st hbin-Block
  PHbinHeader(&@) NextOfs //Offset to the next hbin-Block
  DWord	Sz //Block-size
  raw[0x10] rest
  array of TDataBl Data

  0x1000 THbinHeader HBin

Other specifications.

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