SQLite format 3 database file(SQLite.rfi):
Class: Database, Status: Complete, Last change: 08.09.2016 17:29:56

0 array[16]of Char Sign

assert Sign='SQLite format 3'#0;

descr ('SQLite format 3 database file.',NL,
  'Info Source: The SQLite Database File Format, https://sqlite.org/fileformat.html',NL)

set byteorder rev

  u1 num+(1)
  u2 num+(2)
  u4 num+(4)
  i1 num-(1)
  i2 num-(2)
  i3 num-(3)
  i4 num-(4)
  i6 num-(6)
  i8 num-(8)
  n4 num+(4):displ=(INT(@))

  TPageSize forward
  TFileFmt enum u1 (Legacy=1,WAL=2) //1 for legacy; 2 for WAL.
  TPageNum forward
  TTextEnc enum u4 (UTF8=1, UTF16le=2, UTF16be=3)

  TSQLiteAppID enum u4 ( //from magic.txt
    FossilCheckout = 0x0f055112, //Fossil checkout
    FossilGlobal = 0x0f055113, //Fossil global configuration
    FossilRepository = 0x0f055111, //Fossil repository
    BeSQLite = 0x42654462, //Bentley Systems BeSQLite Database
    BentleyLoc = 0x42654c6e, //Bentley Systems Localization File
    Monotone = 0x5f4d544e, //Monotone source repository
    OGCGeoPackage = 0x47504b47, //OGC GeoPackage file
    OGCGeoPackage10 = 0x47503130, //OGC GeoPackage version 1.0 file
    Esri = 0x45737269, //Esri Spatially-Enabled Database
    MBTiles = 0x4d504258 //MBTiles tileset -
    SQLite = 0 //SQLite3 database

  PFreePageTrunk forward

  TSQLiteHdr struc
    TPageSize PgSize  //The database page size in bytes. Must be a power of two between 512 and 32768 inclusive, or the value 1 representing a page size of 65536.
    TFileFmt FmtWrite //File format write version.
    TFileFmt FmtRead //File format read version.
    u1 PgReserve //Bytes of unused "reserved" space at the end of each page. Usually 0.
    u1 MaxEmbFrac //Maximum embedded payload fraction. Must be 64.
    u1 MinEmbFrac //Minimum embedded payload fraction. Must be 32.
    u1 LeafFrac //Leaf payload fraction. Must be 32.
    n4 ChangeCount //File change counter.
    n4 PageCnt //Size of the database file in pages. The "in-header database size".
    PFreePageTrunk FreeLst //Page number of the first freelist trunk page.
    n4 FreeCnt //Total number of freelist pages.
    u4 SchemaCookie //The schema cookie.
    n4 SchemaFmt //The schema format number. Supported schema formats are 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    u4 DeftPgCacheSz //Default page cache size.
    TPageNum LargestRootPg //The page number of the largest root b-tree page when in auto-vacuum or incremental-vacuum modes, or zero otherwise.
    TTextEnc TextEnc //The database text encoding.
    u4 UserVer //The "user version" as read and set by the user_version pragma.
    u4 IncVacuum //True (non-zero) for incremental-vacuum mode. False (zero) otherwise.
    TSQLiteAppID AppID //The "Application ID" set by PRAGMA application_id.
    array[5] of u4 Reserved //Reserved for expansion. Must be zero.
    n4 VerValidFor //The version-valid-for number.

16 TSQLiteHdr Hdr

include utf-8.rfi

  TTextVal(Sz) case Hdr.TextEnc of
    UTF8: TUtf8Array(@:Sz)
    UTF16le: array of WChar:[@:Size=@@:Sz]//The UTF16 incoding == Unicode almost always
    UTF16be: array of WCharR:[@:Size=@@:Sz]

  TPageSize u2():let Val=@ when (@<>1)or(Hdr.SQLiteVer<=0x3007001) exc 0x10000;
  TPageNum u4()

  PFreePage ^TFreePage NIL=0 near=n4, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;
  TFreePage raw[Hdr.PgSize:Val]

  PFreePageTrunk ^TFreePageTrunk NIL=0 near=n4, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;
  TFreePageTrunk struc
    PFreePageTrunk Next
    n4 Cnt
    array[@.Cnt]of PFreePage Leafs
    raw[] Rest

  TPageType enum byte (
    InteriorIndex=2, //the page is an interior index b-tree page
    InteriorTable=5, //the page is an interior table b-tree page
    LeafIndex=10, //the page is a leaf index b-tree page
    LeafTable=13 //the page is a leaf table b-tree page

  TVarInt array of byte?(@ and 0x80=0)or(@:#=8);:let Val=@[0] when(@[0]<0x80) exc
    ((@[0]and 0x7F)shl 7)or @[1] when(@[1]<0x80) exc
    ((((@[0]and 0x7F)shl 7)or(@[1]and 0x7F))shl 7)or @[2] when(@[2]<0x80) exc
    ((((((@[0]and 0x7F)shl 7)or(@[1]and 0x7F))shl 7)or(@[2]and 0x7F))shl 7)or @[3] when(@[3]<0x80) exc
    0x7FFFFFFF/*!!!Too big values are not supported by this spec*/;:displ=(case @:Size>4 of
       0: ('#',Int(@:Val))
      else (@)

  TPageFreeBlock(Base) forward
  PPageFreeBlock(Base) ^TPageFreeBlock(@:Base) nil=0 NEAR=u2, REF=@+@:Base;
  TPageFreeBlock(Base) struc
    PPageFreeBlock(@:Base) Next
    u2 Sz

  TPageHdr(Base,IsMeta) forward
  PPageHdr(IsMeta) ^TPageHdr(0,@:IsMeta) NIL=0 near=n4, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;

  TSerialTypeHlp enum u1 (
    fvNull=0, //Value is a NULL
    fvI1=1, //Value is an 8-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvI2=2, //        Value is a big-endian 16-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvI3=3, //Value is a big-endian 24-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvI4=4, //Value is a big-endian 32-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvI6=5, //Value is a big-endian 48-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvI8=6, //Value is a big-endian 64-bit twos-complement integer.
    fvDouble=7, //Value is a big-endian IEEE 754-2008 64-bit floating point number.
    fv0=8, //Value is the integer 0. (Only available for schema format 4 and higher.)
    fv1=9  //Value is the integer 1. (Only available for schema format 4 and higher.)  )

  TSerialType TVarInt():displ=(case @[0]<=9 of
     0: (case @.@:Val and 0x1 of
        0: ('BLOB[',INT((@.@:Val-12)div 2),']')
       else ('TEXT[',INT((@.@:Val-13)div 2),']')
    else (VALNAME(@.@:Val,TSerialTypeHlp))

  TPayloadHdr struc
    TVarInt Sz
    array of TSerialType FT //Serial types of fields
    //raw[] rest //just in case

  PPageHdrI1 ^TPageHdr(0,0) NIL=0 near=i1, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;
  PPageHdrI2 ^TPageHdr(0,0) NIL=0 near=i2, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;
  PPageHdrI3 ^TPageHdr(0,0) NIL=0 near=i3, REF=(@-1)*Hdr.PgSize:Val;

  TFldVal(ST,IsMeta) case TSerialTypeHlp @:ST of
   fvNull,10,11: void
   fvI1: case @:IsMeta of
     1: PPageHdrI1
     else i1
   fvI2: case @:IsMeta of
     1: PPageHdrI2
     else i2
   fvI3: case @:IsMeta of
     1: PPageHdrI3
     else i3
   fvI4: i4
   fvI6: i6
   fvI8: i8
   fvDouble: array[8]of u1
  else case @:ST and 0x1 of
     0: raw[(@@:ST-12)div 2]
      TTextVal((@@:ST-13)div 2)

  TPayload(Sz,IsMeta) struc
    TPayloadHdr Hdr
    array of struc
      TFldVal(@@@.Hdr.FT[@:#].@:Val,@@@:IsMeta) V
     ends FldVals //!!!Valid for the pages without overflow only
    //raw[] FldVals

  TPageCell(Typ,IsMeta) forward
  PPageCell(Base,Typ,IsMeta) ^TPageCell(@:Typ,@:IsMeta) nil=0 NEAR=u2, REF=@+@:Base;
  TPageCell(Typ,IsMeta) struc
    case TPageType @:Typ of
     InteriorIndex,InteriorTable: PPageHdr(@@:IsMeta)
    endc LeftPtr //Page number of left child
    case TPageType @:Typ of
     InteriorIndex,LeafIndex,LeafTable: TVarInt
    endc SzPayload //Number of bytes of payload
    case TPageType @:Typ of
     InteriorTable,LeafTable: TVarInt
    endc RowId
    case TPageType @:Typ of
     InteriorIndex,LeafIndex,LeafTable: TPayload(@@.SzPayload.InteriorIndex:Val,@@:IsMeta)
    endc Payload
   // case TPageType @:Typ of
   //  InteriorIndex,LeafIndex,LeafTable: u4
   // endc OverflowPg //Page number of first overflow page

  TPageHdr(Base,IsMeta) struc
    TPageType Typ
    PPageFreeBlock(&@-@:Base) FreeBlStart //the start of the first freeblock on the page, or is zero if there are no freeblocks
    u2 NCells //the number of cells on the page
    u2 ContentStart //start of the cell content area. A zero value for this integer is interpreted as 65536
    u1 NFreeBytes //the number of fragmented free bytes within the cell content area
    case @.Typ of
      InteriorIndex,InteriorTable: PPageHdr(@@:IsMeta)
    endc RightMostPtr //the right-most pointer. This value appears in the header of interior b-tree pages only
    array[@.NCells]of PPageCell(&@@-@@:Base,@@.Typ,@@:IsMeta) Cell
    //raw[]at &@-@:Base; Rest

  0x64 TPageHdr(0x64,1) RootPg

Other specifications.

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