MBR and Partition header data structures(PARTTION.rfi):
Class: OS Specific, Status: Complete, Last change: 13.08.2003 10:05:32

include dir.rfi

type bit
TSecCyl struc
  num+(6) sec
  num+(2) cylHi
  num+(8) cylLo

type bit

HCLU12 num+(12)
TFat12(Cnt) array[@:Cnt] of HCLU12

HCLU16 word
TFat16(Cnt) array[@:Cnt] of HCLU16

TFat(Cnt) case @:Cnt>0x1000 of
  0: TFat12(@:Cnt)
else TFat16(@:Cnt)

LCN struc
  ulong L
  ulong H


PPartitionHdr ^TPartitionHdr *0x200 near=ulong
TPartitionHdr void

PBootSectorRec ^TBootSectorRec *0x200 near=ulong
TBootSectorRec struc
  raw[3] abJmpCode         //JMP opcode to start of boot code
  array[8] of char abOem   //e.g., "MSDOS6.0" or "IBM  4.0"
  word wSectSize           //bytes per sector (usually 512; 200H)
  byte bClustSects         //sectors per allocation unit (cluster)
  word wResSects           //boot and reserved sectors
  byte bFatCnt             //number of File Allocation Tables.
  word wRootEntries        //max number of 32-byte DirEntryRecs in root
  word wTotSects           //total number of sectors in media
                           //0000H means >32 MB, so use lBigTotSects
  byte bMedia              //media descriptor (same as 1st byte in FAT)
  word wFatSects           //number of sectors in one FAT
  word wSectsPerTrk        //sectors per track
//DOS 2.x: the formatted part of the record ended at offset 18H.
  word wHeads              //number of read/write heads
  ulong lHidSects          //hidden sectors (ignore hiword in pre-DOS 4.0)
//DOS 3.x: the formatted part of the record ended at offset 1eH.
  case @.wResSects=0 of
    0: struc //FAT
      ulong lBigTotSects       //32-bit TotSects in volume (partitions > 32M)
      byte bDrvNo              //80H=first hard disk (used internally by DOS)
      byte res1                //(reserved)
      byte bExtBootSig         //Extended boot record signature (always 29H)
      ulong lSerNo             //Volume Serial Number (based on when formatted)
      array[11]of char abVolLabel //Volume Label (11-character, blank padded)
      array[8]of char abFileSysID //contains 'FAT12   ' or 'FAT16   ')
  else /*NTFS*/ struc
     ulong Rsrv0
     ulong Rsrv00800080
     XLONG TotSects
     XLONG pMFTMirr
     ulong CluPerRecSeg //Clusters per file record segment.
     ulong CluPerNDXBlk //Clusters per index block.
     XLONG SerNo //Volume Serial Number.
     ulong Checksum
  endc Ext
  (raw[]at &@;) BootRest
ends:[@:Size=(@.wResSects when(@.wResSects>0) exc 1)*@.wSectSize]

TFatData(CluCnt,FatSize) struc
  TFat(@:CluCnt) Tbl
  (raw[]at &@;) FatRest

TFats(FatCnt,CluCnt,FatSize) array[@:FatCnt] of TFatData(@:CluCnt,@:FatSize)

TBootSectorRecWithFat struc
  TBootSectorRec Boot
  TFats(@.Boot.bFatCnt,((@.Boot.wTotSects when (@.Boot.wTotSects<>0)) exc
      (@.Boot.Ext.0.lBigTotSects when (@.Boot.Ext.0.bExtBootSig=0x29))
      exc 0)div @.Boot.bClustSects,
      @.Boot.wFatSects*@.Boot.wSectSize) Fat
  TDirectoryTbl(@.Boot.wRootEntries*32) Root

TFileSysCode enum byte (
  Unknown=0x00, //unknown file system type
  DOS12=0x01, //DOS 12-bit FAT; partition smaller than 10 MB
  DOS16=0x04, //DOS 16-bit FAT; partition smaller than 32 MB
  Extended=0x05, //Extended DOS Partition
  BIGDOS16=0x06, //DOS 16-bit FAT; partition larger than or exactly 32 MB
  OS2_HPFS=0x07, //Windows NT NTFS (and some other - exact type is detected by Boot Rec)
  AIX=0x08, //
  AIX_boot=0x09, //AIX bootable
  OS2_BootMgr=0x0a, //OS/2 Boot Manag
  Win95_FAT32LBA=0x0c, //with extended INT13 ctl
  BIGDOS16LBA=0x0e, //LBA VFAT (like 06h but with extended INT13 ctl)
  ExtendedLBA=0x0f, //Extended DOS Partition LBA VFAT (like 06h but with extended INT13 ctl)
  NTFSHidden=0x17, //Hidden NTFS partition
  Win95_FAT32Hidden=0x1B, //Hidded FAT32 (like 0Bh)
  Win95_FAT32LBAHidden=0x1C, //Hidded FAT32 with extended INT13 ctl (like 0Ch)
  BIGDOS16LBAHidden=0x1E, //Hidden LBA VFAT (like 0Eh)
  Novell=0x51, //Novell?
  Netware=0x64, //Novell Netware
  Netware1=0x65, //Novell Netware
  PC_IX=0x75, //PC/IX
  Old_MINIX=0x80, //Old MINIX
  Linux_MINIX=0x81, //Linux/MINIX
  Linux_native=0x83, //Linux native
  FAT16Stripe=0x86, //FAT-16 stripe-array partition of Windows NT
  NTFSStripe=0x87, //NTFS stripe-array partition of Windows NT
  Amoeba=0x93, //Amoeba
  Amoeba_BBT=0x94, //Amoeba BBT
  BSD386=0xa5, //BSD/386
  BSDI_fs=0xb7, //BSDI fs
  BSDI_swap=0xb8, //BSDI swap
  Syrinx=0xc7, //Syrinx
  CP_M=0xdb, //CP/M
  DOS_access=0xe1, //DOS access
  DOS_RO=0xe3, //DOS R/O
  DOS_sec=0xf2, //DOS secondary
  BBT=0xff  //

TPartitionInfo struc
  byte bBootFlag //0=not active, 80H = active (boot this partition)
  byte bBeginHead //partition begins at this head...
  TSecCyl rBeginSecCyl //...and this sector and cylinder (see below)
  TFileSysCode bFileSysCode //file system type
  byte bEndHead     //partition ends at this head...
  TSecCyl rEndSecCyl  //...and this sector and cylinder (see below)
  case @.bFileSysCode of
    DOS12,DOS16,BIGDOS16,OS2_HPFS,Win95_FAT32/*?*/: PBootSectorRec
  else PPartitionHdr
  endc lBeginAbsSec //partition begins at this absolute sector #
  ulong lTotalSects  //total sectors in this partition

TMasterBootRec struc
  raw[0x1be] abBootCode   //master boot executable code
  array[4] of TPartitionInfo PrtnTbl
  word wPrtnTblSig

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