Clarion key/index file.(KXX.rfi):
Class: Database, Status: Complete, Last change: 20.05.1999 10:27:34

descr ('Clarion key/index file.',NL,
  'Info Source: TB118.TXT in (CLARION.ZIP,')

type bit

TBit4 num+(4)

TKeyFTyp enum TBit4 (key,index)

TKeyType struc
  TKeyFTyp ftyp
  set 4 of (dupsw, uprsw, optsw, loksw) Flags


THdr struc
  ulong root        /* number of root node */
  ulong numkent     /* number of key entries */
  ulong numnode     /* number of node for this index */
  ulong lastnod     /* node number of last node */
  ulong keyeof      /* record number of end of file */
  ulong keybof      /* record number of beg. of file */
  ulong unused      /* first unused node of file */
  TKeyType keytyp      /* type of key */
  byte keynode     /* number of keys per node */
  byte numcmps     /* number of components in the key*/
  word keylen      /* total length of key entry */
  word numlvls     /* number of levels */
  raw[] at &@; rest

0 THdr Hdr


TKeyRec struc
  ulong relrec     /* record number/node number */
  raw[] key        /* key value (key size - size of long)*/

TNodeRec struc
  byte keycnt     /* number of keys in this nodes */
  ulong flink      /* forward node pointer */
  ulong blink      /* backwards node printer */
  ulong ulink      /* upwards node pointer */
  array[@.keycnt] of TKeyRec Keys
  raw[] at &@; rest

Hdr:Size array[Hdr.numnode] of TNodeRec Nodes

Other specifications.

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