Windows Icon and Cursor data structures(ICO.rfi):
Class: Graphics and Sounds, Status: Complete, Last change: 26.01.1999 14:38:30

//SRC: bmp.txt
include BMP.RFI


TImageData(Sz) struc
  TBitmapInfo BMI
  TBitmapMtr(@.BMI.Hdr.biBitCount, @.BMI.Hdr.biHeight div 2,
    @.BMI.Hdr.biWidth) Img
  TBitmapMtr(1, @.BMI.Hdr.biHeight div 2,
    @.BMI.Hdr.biWidth) Msk
  raw[] rest
ends:[@:Size = @:Sz]

PImageData(Sz) ^TImageData(@:Sz) near=ulong

TIconDirTbl(Cnt) forward

TIconDirEntry struc
  byte bWidth
  byte bHeight
  byte bColorCount
  byte bReserved
  word wXHotSpot//wPlanes
  word wYHotSpot//wBitCount
  DWORD dwBytesInRes
  PImageData(@.dwBytesInRes) dwImageOffset

TIconDirTbl(Cnt) array[@:Cnt] of TIconDirEntry

TIconHeader struc
  word ihReserved
  word ihType
  word ihCount
  TIconDirTbl(@.ihCount) ihEntries

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