DOS/Win95 Directory structure datatypes(DIR.rfi):
Class: OS Specific, Status: Complete, Last change: 04.05.2005 18:42:52

//DOS/Win95 Directory structure


TFileAttr set 8 of (
  RdOnly=0, // 01H 1=Read-only (file can't be written/deleted)
  Hidden=1,// 02H 1=Hidden
  System=2,// 04H 1=System
  VolLbl=3,// 08H 1=Volume label entry
  SubDir=4,// 10H 1=subDirectory entry
  Arhive=5 // 20H Archive bit. 1=file has NOT been backed up

TDosName struc pas
  abName: array[8] of Char,<' '; //left-justified, blank-padded (e.g. 'FILE    '
  abExt: array[3] of Char,<' '; //left-justified, blank-padded (e.g. 'EXT'

TWinEntryRec struc pas
  Cnt: Byte
  FNameE1: array[5] of WChar
  bAttr: TFileAttr        // file attribute
  x1: word
  abName: array[6] of WChar
  x2: word
  abName1: array[2] of WChar
ends: assert[@.bAttr=0x0F]:displ=('#',@.FNameE1,@.abName,@.abName1,
  ', Cnt=0x',HEX(@.Cnt),', x1=0x',HEX(@.x1),', x2=0x',HEX(@.x2))

TFSize ulong():displ=(INT(@),'=0x',HEX(@))

TDosEntryRec struc pas
  FN: TDosName
  bAttr: TFileAttr        // file attribute
  res: raw[10] at &@; // (reserved)
  DT: TFileTime
//  rTime: Word //time created/last modified in FileTimeRec format
//  rDate: Word //date created/last modified in FileDateRec format
  wClstrNo: Word //cluster number of start of file (link into FAT)
  lSize: TFSize //file size in bytes

TDirEntryRec try
  Win: TWinEntryRec
  DOS: TDosEntryRec

     abName  The name of the file or directory.  If fewer than 8
              characters, it is padded to 8 with spaces (20H).  The
              following bytes, when at offset 0, have special meaning:
               00H ( ) The entry has never been used.
               05H () The first character is really 0e5H
               2eH (.) This is an alias for a directory. .=self, ..=parent
               e5H () The entry has been deleted.
TDirectoryTbl(Sz) array of TDirEntryRec ?(@.DOS.FN.abName[0]=0) exc

Other specifications.

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