xBase DBMS data file(DBF.rfh):
Class: Database, Status: Complete, Last change: 08.12.2007 8:05:56

descr ('xBase table file.')
descr (NL,
  'Info Src: "General Format of .dbf files in Xbase languages" by multisoft Datentechnik GmbH (http://www.fship.com)',NL,
  'Info Src: MSDN: Visual FoxPro Documentation/Using Visual FoxPro/Programmer`s Guide/Appendix/Table File Structure',NL)

  ub num+(1):displ=(INT(@))
  TBinDate struc
    ub Y
    ub M
    ub D
  ends //Дата в двоичном формате (ГГММДД)

  TDBF3FldKind enum Char (
    fkChar='C',      //all
    fkDate = 'D',    //all
    fkFloat = 'F',   //FS, D4, D5, Fp
    fkNumeric = 'N', //all
    fkLog = 'L',     //all
    fkMemo = 'M',    //all
    fkVariable = 'V',//FS
    fkPicture = 'P', //Fp binary data in .ftp
    fkBinary = 'B',  //D5 binary data in .dbt
    fkGeneral = 'G', //D5, Fp OLE objects
    fkShort = '2',   //FS binary int max +/- 32767
    fkLong = '4',    //FS binary int max +/- 2147483647
    fkDouble = '8'   //FS binary signed double IEEE

  TDBF3FldDsc struc
    array[11] of Char,0; Name //Имя - ASCIIZ строка
    TDBF3FldKind hType
    ulong DataP     //D3 - fld address in memory, Fp - offset from record begin
    Byte Len        //all Field length
    Byte DecNum     //all decimal count
    Word MUsrRsrv1  //all Зарезерв. для многопольз. систем
    Byte WorkID     //D4, D5 Work area ID
    Word MUsrRsrv2  //D3, D4, D5 multi-user dBase
    Byte SetFldData //D3, D4, D5 used by the command SET FIELDS
    array[7] of Byte Reserved
    Byte InMDX      //D4, D5 Field is in .mdx index

  PDataArray ^TDataArray near

  * Applies for / supported by:
  *  FS = FlagShip       D3 = dBaseIII+
  *  Fb = FoxBase        D4 = dBaseIV
  *  Fp = FoxPro         D5 = dBaseV
  *  CL = Clipper

  TDBFVer enum byte (
    dBase_II=0x02,                //FS, D3, D4, D5, Fb, Fp, CL
    dBase_III=0x03,               //D4, D5  (FS)
    Visual_FoxPro=0x30,           //D5, Fp  (FS)
    dBASE_IV_SQL_table=0x43,      //FS no memo
    dBASE_IV_SQL_system=0x63,     // no memo
    dBase_III_Memo=0x83,          //FS, D3, D4, D5, Fb, Fp, CL dBase III with .dbt Memo
    dBASE_IV_memo=0x8B,           //D4, D5
    dBASE_IV_SQL_table_memo=0xCB, //with  .dbt memo in D4 format
    FoxPro_2_memo=0xF5,           //FP with with .fmp memo

  TIndexFlags set 8 of (
    hasCdx ^ 0x01,    //Fp, D4, D5 file has a structural .cdx 
    hasMemo ^ 0x02,   //Fp file has a Memo field
    isDatabase ^ 0x04 //Fp file is a database (.dbc)

  TCodePageFp enum byte (
    cp437 = 0x01, //codepage  437 DOS USA        Fp
    cp850 = 0x02, //codepage  850 DOS Multi ling Fp
    cp1252= 0x03, //codepage 1252 Windows ANSI   Fp
    cp10000= 0x04, //codepage 10000 Standard Macintosh Fp
    cp620 = 0x69, //codepage 620 * Mazovia (Polish) MS-DOS Fp
    cp737 = 0x6A, //codepage 737 * Greek MS-DOS (437G) Fp
    cp852 = 0x64, //codepage 852 Eastern European MS-DOS Fp
    cp861 = 0x67, //codepage 861 Icelandic MS-DOS Fp
    cp865 = 0x66, //codepage 865 Nordic MS-DOS Fp
    cp866 = 0x65, //codepage 866 Russian MS-DOS Fp
    cp895 = 0x68, //codepage 895 * Kamenicky (Czech) MS-DOS Fp
    cp857 = 0x6B, //codepage 857 Turkish MS-DOS Fp
    cp1250= 0xC8, //codepage 1250 Eastern European Windows Fp
    cp1251= 0xC9, //codepage 1251 Russian Windows Fp
    cp1253= 0xCB, //codepage 1253 Greek Windows Fp
    cp1254= 0xCA, //codepage 1254 Turkish Windows Fp
    cp10006= 0x98, //codepage 10006 Greek Macintosh Fp
    cp10007= 0x96, //codepage 10007 * Russian Macintosh Fp
    cp10029= 0x97, //codepage 10029 Macintosh EE Fp
    ignored=0x00  //ignored                      FS, D3, Fb, Fp, CL

  TDBF3Hdr struc                                 
    TDBFVer Ver 
    TBinDate LastChangeDate    //all
    ulong RecCnt               //all Number of records in file
    PDataArray HdrLen          //all Header size in bytes
    Word RecLen                //all Record size in bytes
    //(array[20]of Byte) Reserved
    Word Reserved              //all
    Byte InTransaction         //D4, D5, else 0 => ignored
    Byte IsEncrypted           //D4, D5, else 0 => normal visible
    array[12]of Byte MultiUser //D4, D5 multi-user environment use
    TIndexFlags NDXFlags       //Fp, D4, D5
    TCodePageFp CodePg         //Fp - Code page mark; D4, D5 - language driver ID; else - ignored
    word Res1                  //Reserved

  TDBF3HdrWithFields struc
    TDBF3Hdr H
    //array[(@.H.HdrLen-@.H:Size-1) div 32] of TDBF3FldDsc Fields
    array of TDBF3FldDsc ?@.Name[0]=0x0D!byte; Fields

0x0000 TDBF3HdrWithFields Hdr

%  TRecData array[Hdr.H.RecLen] of Char
  TRecData struc
    Char F
    (array of(array[Hdr.Fields[#].Len]of Char,<' ';)) D
  TFieldData array[Hdr.Fields[#].Len]of Char

  TFieldsData array of TFieldData
  TRecData struc
    Char F
    TFieldsData D
  ends :[D:Size=Hdr.H.RecLen-1]
  TFieldsData array of TFieldData :[@:Size=Hdr.H.RecLen-1]
  TRecData struc
    Char F
    TFieldsData D

  TDataArray array[Hdr.H.RecCnt] of TRecData

Other specifications.

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