Borland Graphics Interface(BGI.rfi):
Class: Executable and Object, Status: Auxiliary, Last change: 29.09.2000 20:29:52


TDDO struc

word install    % install device.
                % required to return es:<bx> to status table.

word init       % (bh)=texture (bl)= background color to use.
                % ready device for output.
                % es:[di] --> rotate,xclip1,yclip1,xclip2,yclip2

word clear      % clear graphics device and ready it for
                % output.

word post       % make picture visible. used for making
                % printer bitmaps visible, for unloading
                % the plotter pen, or for restoring screen.

word move       % used by text, arc, symbol, draw, fill etc.
                % set c.p. (ax,bx) = (x,y)

word draw       % draw to (ax,bx) = (x,y)

word vect       % (ax,bx,cx,dx) = x0,y0,x1,y1

word poly       % draw polygon.
                % ax=0 start new polygon definition
                % ax=1 close and trace poly
                % ax=2 close,  fill poly and trace
                % ax=3 close and fill poly
                % ax=4 draw points and don't capture
                % ax=5 turn off polygon capture
                % ax=6 draw polygon at es:[bx] and (cx) points
                % ax=7 fill & trace polygon at es:[bx] with (cx) points
                % ax=8 fill polygon at es:[bx] with (cx) points

word dbar       % bar fill (cpx,cpy,ax,bx)=x0,y0,x1,y1
                % (bx,cx)=dx,dy for 3d (with outline)

word patbar     % pattern bar (no outline)

word darc       % draw arc

word piesl      % (ax,bx)= start ang, end ang
                % (cx,dx)= x radius, y radius
                % center is a cp. (with outline)

word fellipse   % (ab,bx) = x radius, yradius
                % (no outline)

word palette    % load a palette entry
                % (ax)=entry # (bx)=value
                % if (ax)=-1 set background

word allpalette % load the full palette
                % es:[bx] --> palette array

word color      % set active draw color & pattern fill color
                % (al)= draw (trace) color (ah)=fill color

word fstyle     % (al)=fill pattern #
                % (al)=0 no fill, 1 solid ...
                % (ah)=background color (normally 0)
                % (used only if pattern in al > 80h)
                % if (al)=ff es:<bx>--> pattern definition

word lstyle     % (al)=0(solid) 1(dotted) 2(centerline) 3(dash)
                % 4(use pattern) (bx)=bit pattern
                % (cx)=line width (normally one)

word tstyle     % (al)=font (ah)=style
                % (bx)=x charsize (cx)=y charsize
                % if (al)=ff es:<bx>--> font definition table
                % changes all params to those available.

word text       % draw text. es:<bx> --> <string>, (0)

word textsize   % text length.

word textinfo   % extended text settings.

word flood      % floodfill (ax,bx) = x,y seed coordinate.

word getpix     % read pixel @(ax,bx) to (dl)

word putpix     % put (dl) to pixel @(ax,bx)

word bitmaputil % returns (es:[bx]) = bitmap utilities.
                %       dw gotographic
                %       dw exitgraphic
                %       dw putpix
                %       dw getpix
                %       dw pixelsperbyte
                %       dw setwritemode

word savebitmap % es:[bx]--> buffer to save bitmap to.
                % contain bitmap size (pixels) in 1st 2 words
                % cx = start x  dx = start line # y

word restorebitmap      % es:[bx]--> bitmap buffer to restore.
                        % contains bitmap size (pixels) in 1st 2 words
                        % cx=start x dx= start y to put
                        % (al) = bitblt op (copy, xor, comp, etc.)

word setclip    % extended function to set clip window
                % (ax,bx)-(cx,dx) = clip rectangle

word query_color        % extended function for color information

word escape     % escape function for direct i/o

word symbol     % draw symbol (al) = symbol #
                % if (al)=ff es:<bx>--> symbol definition

word reserve    % 32 reserved entry points

word user       % User available entry points


TBitMapInfo  struc
codeofs  gotographic
codeofs  exitgraphic
codeofs  putpixel
codeofs  getpixel
codeofs  bitsperpixel
codeofs  setpage       % draw page in (al)
codeofs  setvisual     % visual display page (al)
codeofs  setwritemode  % set write mode (al)

% ************** the device driver status table definition **************
TBGIStatus struc
  byte stat     % 0 = no errors
  byte devtypdb %device type 0=screen 1=printer 2=plotter
  int xres     % full resolution
  int yres
  int xefres     % effective resolution
  int yefres
  int xinch    % device size in inches*1000
  int yinch
  int aspec    % aspect ratio
  int chsiz    % standard char size x,y (points)
  word coltbl     % color tables

TVESAModeInfo struc
  int     ModeAttr
  byte    WinAAttr
  byte    WinBAttr
  int     WinGranularity
  int     WinSize
  word    WinASeg
  word    WinBSeg 
  pointer WinFuncPtr
  int     BytesPerScanLine
% Optional data
  int     XRes
  int     YRes
  int     XCharSize
  int     YCharSize
  byte    PlaneNum
  byte    BitsPerPixel
  byte    BankNum
  byte    MemModel
  byte    BankSize
  byte    PageNum
  byte    Reserved
% direct color fields
  byte    RedMaskSize
  byte    RedFldPos
  byte    GreenMaskSize
  byte    GreenFldPos
  byte    BlueMaskSize
  byte    BlueFldPos
  byte    RsvdMaskSize
  byte    RsvdFldPos
  byte    DirecColorModeInf
% Reserved2: array[1..216] of Byte%

Other specifications.

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